“Business Clinic’s experts are always available for you!”


We support you through a structured process using the knowledge and experience of a business owner who has proven track record. One of our expert team, once appointed, will provide you with business mentoring which will guide you in the attainment of healthier profits.

How we do it:

  • Understand you and your business
  • Ask questions and challenge you to obtain objectivity
  • Give impartial advice
  • Share our knowledge with you
  • Commit to an open and honest approach

The numbers

There is no charge for your initial consultation which allows us to explore options available to you.

The hourly rate for mentoring is EUR75.00+ VAT

The investment required is determined by the length of support identified at the initial meeting

  1. This will be reviewed regularly to ensure that desired outcomes are being achieved.


Want to know more about mentoring support?

Call to discuss your requirements so that we can determine the best option for you and your business on ++389 70 398 450


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