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Professor Zoran Ivanovski, Ph.D is full-professor at University of Tourism and Management in Skopje, well-known regional expert for financial management and experienced lecturer with experience in the country and abroad. In his university carrier he served on managers faculty and university positions as Chancellor of European University – Republic of Macedonia, Vice-Chancellor of European University – Republic of Macedonia, Vice-Chancellor of University of Tourism and Management in Skopje, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at of European University – Republic of Macedonia, visiting professor at University of South-East Europe in Tetovo, University St. Paul the Apostile” in Ohrid, University of Valencia, Spain. Beside university carrier he teaches at courses for brokers and investment consultants at Security-Exchange Commission of the Republic of Macedonia. More than 20 years he realized trainings for business sector in the country and abroad.

He is author of many university books and scientific papers published in high-quality journals indexed in respected data bases (Web of Science, Copernicus, Ebsco).


About us

The Business Clinic DB is the first Business Clinic in the Republic of Macedonia that provides management consulting solutions for small and medium business owners and corporations and public sector. Outstanding university professors, business academic experts and professional strategic consultants, join forces in order to provide strategic consulting services for the benefit of the companies and community. Business Clinic goes beyond traditional compliance and legal consulting and offers business diagnostics (Business DNA Health Check for companies, sales’ preformance analysis and  revenues forecasting, due diligence, company valuation) as well business therapy as full mentorship, “peerworking”, financial planning, business development plans and strategies, through 24 hours available “outsource” economic consulting by phone or personal meetings for exchange of expertise, knowledge, ideas and experiences with experienced business managers in relaxed, confidential and informal setting. Business Clinic supports companies and public sector and provides capacity building, through its high-quality professional business education offering training for financial management, corporate finance, marketing, human resources management, communication and media, accounting, based on clients’ needs on the basic, intermediate and advanced levels.


Launching and developing a Business Clinic DB for the benefit of its clients is a major challenge and to accomplish this without the support of any public funding demonstrates the dedication, drive and willingness to help Macedonia’s business community that the team here has. The Business Clinic continues to develop its services and training opportunities for employees as well trainings for unemployed in order to enhance their chances for employment and career opportunities. The input of The Business Clinic’s Consulting Practitioners has also played its part in the continued growth and development of the organization. These are recognized business experts with a specific skill-set, working in collaboration with us to share that expertise and knowledge with businesses looking to develop and grow.

Then, as now, the founding principles remain simple: ‘Independent and thought-provoking, The Business Clinic delivers the strategy, skills and support you need.’


The Business Clinic’s mission is to help businesses across the Republic of Macedonia to succeed and enjoy healthier profits. In an economic climate where the failure rate for start-up businesses is more than 80% in their first five years as well mature companies have problems, something isn’t working when it comes to business support. It was with this stark reality firmly in mind that Prof. Zoran Ivanovski, Ph.D, university professor with more than 30 years academic and professional experience founded The Business Clinic as an organisation to provide support, training and consultancy at ground level for businesses young and old. The ideal organizational structure to ensure the success of the project was a non-governmental organization Democratic Balance, established in 2001.  This structure ensured that the interests of the participants always remain the focus and not profit or individual gain. After numerous challenges The Business Clinic DB was launched in December 2018.

“So here’s to the future of you, your business and The Business Clinic...for healthier profits”

Business Clinic DB

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